A new version of the “Wine” poetry at the National Assembly

Madame Laetitia Saint-Paul, faithful to the workshop and supporter of stencil art illumination, distributed her 2024 greetings card to the french assemblies. A big thank you for the interest she shows in my creative work and to my know-how, the promotion it grants them.

Below is the comment that was attached to this creation:

“This poetry is a tribute to wine, to the know-how it requires for it to be good, to its history, to the joy and celebration it can generate. The “V” forms the receptacle, the “I” the left part of the foot, the “N” the base of the glass as well as the right part of the foot.

The bursting point of the “I” is often perceived as Crémant de Loire bubbles. This festive aspect did not escape me during the creation of this work. However, it was the aromas of the wine and the festive aspect of this drink that guided me.

When preparing my color, I used Saumur-Champigny as a thinner. The number of bubbles is 24, colored yellow, blue, green and red. The connection between the word “Wine” and the 24 bubbles together create the 2024 of the new year.

15 copies were made, 14 are available for sale.